Mill is a very popular and well-known board game.

This game is played in pairs on a mill board. Each player receives 9 pieces in the color black or white.

The aim of the game is to build as many mills as possible.

A mill is a series of three stones of the same color and can be created along all the lines on the board. Whenever a mill is closed, an opponent’s stone can be removed. If the opponent has only two pieces left on the board, he has lost.

Or one wins by locking the opponent with his own stones so that he can not move a stone anymore.

How to play

Each player alternately places a stone on a knot or corner until each player has distributed his 9 stones on the mill board.

After the stones are scattered, each player has to take turns pulling a stone to a neighboring point and try to form a mill.

Anyone who has made it and has formed a mill may take the opponent a stone away …

If one of the players has only two stones left, he has lost

Who can not move a stone, has also lost …


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